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If you can dream it we can create it.

Zafari is your one stop shop for all your restaurant needs.

From Concept and Design to Manufacturing and Installation, Zafari is structured to create and manage as much or as little of your New Concept, Additional Location or Remodel.


This process is for the forming and relating of ideas concerning the completion of the clients theme (atmosphere). Using information from the client and research on a desired “look” or “feel” Zafari provides artwork plus any other materials required to demonstrate and clarify the intended result.


In the Programming Phase designers create a digital 3D model of your facility. From this model Zafari can create an adjacency plan which demostrates to the client options for utilizign the space. The other benefit of this phase is Preventive Forecasting which helps to trouble shoot potential problems, before construction begins, by showing how different areas of the restaurant relate to one another.



Competitive Pricing is a necessity with every business. By eliminating wasteful processes and utilizing necessities, such as booths and tables, as part of the theme and décor Zafari helps to build a more effective budget for the client. These techniques can be helpful in whatever stage the client is currently but the earlier Zafari is involved the more that can be done for the client.



With varied backgrounds and talents, the people of Zafari pool their abilities to create one of a kind elements for the client. Using superior and/or unique materials, furnishings and décor, plus other items, are prefabricated in the Zafari shop. This make the manufacturing process more efficient and reduce installation time.


Zafari is not only the designer and manufacturer of ideas but also the installer. This allows for an efficient completion of both interior and exterior modification. The pressure is off the client when Zafari takes over. Zafari is your one stop consulting company that strives for customer satisfaction.


To assist the clients needs Zafari brand identity research. The restaurant images, logos, food and environment all play a major part in the identity of your restaurant. Without identity the restaurant has no established focus. This option may not apply to all, but for the new and upcoming restaurant that has not found an identity, Zafari can assist.


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